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Real Tech

Real Tech is designed to find the “gaps” in health care, and then manage those “gaps” delivering better quality care to the patient while more efficiently utilizing the Primary Care Physician (PCP) practice.  Beginning with our patented Care Coordination Tool, Real Tech utilizes a Primary Care practice’s Electronic Medical Records to build a database that can be managed using Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine, and astutely thought out in-person visits.  The end result is a better managed patient base, leading to healthier patients, and a more profitable practice.

Typically, Real Tech begins with Annual Wellness Visits as its first “gap” to identify and then close.  Where a typical PCP practice only sees around 30-35% of eligible Annual Wellness Visits, our Care Coordination Tool drives this percentage into the top echelon, all at the fingertips of a smartphone, providing quicker, more efficient results to the patient, while freeing up the provider to perform other duties.  The increase in Annual Wellness Visits then allows the providers to identify, and hone-in upon, other areas in the patient’s health care that need attending – all leading to the closing of the “gaps”.  The ultimate goal is to manage the health care, and treat when necessary, as many patients as possible at the PCP level.  Better health through better management is what Real Tech delivers.

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