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Real Sleep

Real Sleep is RPl’s sleep disorder center development and management company. It provides resources that enable both small and large healthcare providers to contract for services on a turn-key basis.

Real Sleep assists with facility planning and training and also provides technical personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to healthcare providers.

Recent discoveries in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders are requiring new equipment.Real Sleep provides a diagnostic modality that includes an array of testing procedures that yield valuable information that is helpful in the treatment and management of sleep disorders. Another service related to the management of sleep disorders is durable medical equipment, which is used in individual patient treatment management.

We provide a physician, board-certified in sleep disorder medicine, who is responsible for clinical oversight and interpretation of all studies performed in the sleep centers in which we are involved. Our clinical and technical professionals have extensive training and experience in this medical discipline.


Real Sleep will mail out forms for patients to fill out prior to coming in for a sleep study. You may also download, print, and fill out the forms before coming in for your appointment using the links below.


  • Consent to Treatment
  • Driver Form
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • Patient Medical Information
  • Patient Confirmation Letter – Daytime Study
  • Patient Confirmation Letter – Overnight Study
  • Patient Questionnaire – Pre-Study


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